I’m staying!

Hey! I have decided to keep posting, because I got a lot of messages telling me that I should continue and none that said that I should stop.
I’m on holiday right now so I’m not able to post yet, but I just thought I should let you guys know that I won’t delete the blog. Anyway, I’ll start posting again when I’m home which is in a little over a week x

PS: I have an idea for a side blog which I want to run together with one of you, I’ll tell you more about this when I’m home
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I’m getting really sick of the hate messages. Loads of people are telling me to stop posting because it’s triggering and I’m promoting mental disorders.

So I’ve got a question for my followers and everyone else who reads this. Please answer honestly. You can message me anonymously so don’t feel ashamed.

Should I continue blogging, or is this blog too triggering/promoting mental disorders?

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Anonymous: Some of these confessions repeat themselves god ur fake

Ever heard of reading bio’s? It says “They are submitted by others.” 

So yes if people submit similar confessions, they might repeat themselves. Doesn’t make them any less real. 

But thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

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Anonymous: Hey :) I want to stop cutting and harming myself. The only thing that discourages me are my scars. Why should I stop cutting if this scars won't disappear? I mean is there a way to make them disappear? I'm losing friends and family for this behavior

Some scars fade naturally after a while and you can use bio oil too x

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