Anonymous: I read your last post, I think it's better that you delete anon option. Why someone has to be ashamed of only showing himself? There's nothing to be ashamed of and nobody has to apologize for who he is.

I know nobody has to be ashamed, but some people just don’t feel comfortable if I can see their url. Truth is, I usually don’t even look at someone’s url and I never look at blogs. But still, people don’t feel comfortable and I’d rather not delete their chance to talk so yeah…

I wanted to apologize for my last reply, but fuck it, I’m not even going to. I’m completely sick of receiving all the hate.

The confessions aren’t mine, but if they were, I’d be feeling terrible right now. People tell me to go kill myself on a daily basis. Do you have any idea what that feels like? Probably not. Well I can tell you, it’s terrible.

I’m already suicidal. I already feel like shit. I already have a hard time staying alive. I don’t need some pathetic idiots on tumblr making it even worse for me.

I love the anon option because I feel like it’s easier for people to confess when they’re on anon, but if it also means I’m receiving so many hate I’m done with it. 

I’m going to give my blog a new layout with a new theme and a new description. I hope that will change the way everything’s going right now and otherwise the only option I have is deleting the anon option… 

Anonymous: Unless your boyfriend is horrible to you, you're the worst kind of person for not even feeling guilty for leaving him. He doesn't deserve you. He definitely deserves better.

1) The person who sent in that confession, is definitely not the worst kind of person. There are a lot of reasons why that person could feel not guilty and even if they don’t have a reason, they’re still not the worst kind of person.

2) This hate is exactly the reason why I wanted to stop. I’m trying to create a safe place for people with mental disorders. A lot of people have no idea how hard it is to be suffering from mental disorders, because nobody understands what you’re feeling. I wanted those people to have a place where they can be honest and where they can see that they’re not the only one who feels like them.

Sending this hate is terrible. It isn’t my confession, but what if it was? I’m depressed, I’m suicidal and I cut myself. Do you really think I need more negativity? Do you really think I need someone to tell me I’m ‘the worst kind of person’? That would only make me feel worse.

Sending hate makes you the worst kind of person.